This guy doesn't think USC has done

By: Old Hickory Trojan

anything to improve what was decided were USC's two biggest issues....

"To start things off we go into Clay Helton’s decision to remove offensive line coach Tim Drevno and strength and conditioning coach Aaron Ausmus from the staff. Coach Hyde goes into detail on why making a move with the offensive line coach wouldn’t be fixing the biggest problem, USC’s offensive philosophy that doesn’t include running the football. This is a passing, finesse offense according to Coach Hyde and swapping out offensive line coaches won’t change that.

He also shares his thoughts on some of the issues he saw within the strength and conditioning program including some of the nagging injuries that never seemed to go away and how he saw a bunch of guys lifting weights, but not necessarily doing it with the purpose of getting better at football. “I don’t want weightlifters, I want football players,” Coach Hyde said on the show.

We had an interesting question from Jon in Brea about how USC is still recruiting well and what the program could be if the Trojans had a better head coach. Coach Hyde said that Traveler is recruiting the players more than anything and that kids want to come to USC because their parents loved the Trojans. "

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