Ohio State and alabama QBs

By: NJ Trojan

show me the last successful NFL QB from both alabama and ohio state?

Mac Jones has so much elite talent around him it is sickening.  It is easy to look great when your receivers are siginifcantly better than almost all DBs they face and the recivers are capable of correcting the QBs throwing mistakes.  This is one of the reason Tua struggled with the dolphins, with the exception of a few elite NFL receivers, the DBs in the NFL are on par with any WR in the NFL. This is one of the reason Tua struggled this year with Miami, he cant get bailed out for poor throws.  

it is clear that Miami made a mistake taking Tua and not Hebert of which i will argue that Hebert at Oregon falls into the same category as not having Elite WRs lwhen he was there ike Ohio State and alabama has.

so using this logic, i would be suspect on Fields and Jones and would be bullish on Willson



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