I'd say that Alabama has produced historically

By: Old Hickory Trojan

some great NFL QB's....and you left Jalen Hurts off your listQB's recently drafted into the NFL...can't speak to Tua since he hasn't been the same since all the operations and I don't watch the NFL anymore. But I would speak to Jones and there is no doubt he has some great receivers. So did Joe Burrow. I didn't hear anyone knocking him for his great receivers. I also mentioned Zach Wilson although I was surprised he came out...so I didn't originally list him as another QB that has performed very well although I have yet to see him in bigtime game. The fact that many discount the talent surrounding Lawrence when they go ga ga over the giuy but at the same time hold it against Jones that he has talent surrounding him cracks me up. Clemson was loaded on the offense side of the ball but somehow that doesn't count...geezuz..

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