you have to know how to spot GREATNESS

By: San Clemente

no quarterback in the history of the NFL has or will ever hand off a football with the skill, poise, or grace of Troy "I choose not to date men"  Aikman.  Lots of quarterback can throw for yards and TD's llike Carson.  Yawn. 


Just because Troy makes it look easy doesn't mean it is.  Or others would have gotten into the Hall with this singular underapreciated accomplishment. He is obviously responsible for half of the yards Emmit Smith ran for and just as many touchdowns. It's not like Emmit Smith could hike it to himself.  And that's an understatement.  Smith didn't even have to think about getting a hand off.   It was just there.  Like Magic.  Emmit could put his hall of fame efforts into getting yards and touchdowns.  


Sure Aikman didn't throw for many yards or touchdowns, and threw a lot of picks,  But few remember how close he actually came to winning something, well ALMOST anything in college. The problem in college was they asked him to throw the football.  Ucla's incompetent staff just didn't see the championship potential of being able to hand off the football .   So instead Aikman, after an embarrassing shower incident in Oklahoma was asked to , of all things. Throw TD passes at ucla.  So the interceptions and big game losses were of course unexpected, but inevitable.  


It was the Cowboys who unharnessed this hall of fame talent.  Just look at the photo.  Go as HD as you want. This , my friends THIS is perfection.  And Troy Aikman could do this in his sleep or with a dick in his mouth. sc 

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