The words of Robert E Lee...

By: Contrarian

Let's get the facts straight if you are going to take shots at me. Robert E. Lee would say "Young men, the Eyes of the South are upon you" to his students at Washington College . However...he was president of the college AFTER the Civil War was over and slavery had been abolished. Something you and others fail to mention when bringing him up.  Like Prather at UT (who attended Washington College), he was talking about the South looking at his students as future leaders.  You can make a connection to slavery/racism if you want..but you are misrepresenting the facts by doing so.

As far as the minstrel show...I highlighted that...however virtually every folk song at the turn of the century was  sung at one time or another at one.  Do we stop singing all of them because a song was sung at them 100 years ago?  They were sung at every other venue as well.  Sounds insane to me...but many would topple every statue of any historical figure that did anything which they consider wrong today..and burn every book and song written by those they disagee with.  

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