FAKE TOUGH policy on Russia?

By: bread

and Putin was upset by a Hillary statement years ago. ?   A COMPLETE & OBVIOUS LIE.

PUTIN got Everything he dreamed of from the disloyal,  incompetant foregin policy of Barry and his self serving bozo Secretares of State.  He's NOW the big swingin' dick in Europe and the Middle East.  Barry also undermined loyalties of US Allies all over the Eastern Hemisphere.   (Hint. that was intentional on his part)

Which leads to ANOTHER QUESTION.

Why in hell would Vlad the monster go Out of his way to elect the Other USA team.  A team that will muscle Up USAs' Military and attitude.   While NOT help Russia corner mineral markets  (like Uranium and Oil ) And generally call a spade a spade.  WHY?  He wants a credible odvisary?   He wanted to swing the election "because he could", like climbing Mt. Everest?

 SOUNDS like the "smart" "caring"  socialists of the USA are LESS than straight with us.  AGAIN.. 


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