Descriptive image at Confirmation hearings

By: bread

Good Stuff.  A couple of caring snowflakes shouting at Senate hearings.  In meltdown mode re: a perceived threat to minorities by the GOP.

 PHOTO OP:   They are hauled away despite going limp,  by two black Capital police officers

Jeff Sessions, a southerner is being grilled by the Senate panel.   The socialists should well fear the guy, as he knows what BS they have laid down as law,  They must bring out the KKK sheets, in trying to slime him while pretending those were Republicans.  Semator "Saturday Nigh Live" from Minnesota tried but came off as quarlsome, interrupting Sessons when his on point answers were forming.   

 An issue to watch is how lefty advocates know so Little about todays South and operate off the stereotypes of decades long past.  All in hope of other "ignorami" folowing suit in flyover country. 

ie. They need to stop Sessons , as he may well GUT their open borders designs...among other things and Toss Out one of the greatest collections of hard core socialists# ever in USA government.  And I am not just labeling them as such. That they are... in word and deed.

 BTW Barry appointed these attorneys into his EXPANDED Civil rights division, then shifted them from standard political appointees to career employees.... so it would be harder to expel them. 

For hardcore Leftists,  Sessions is WAY TOO sharp, not to mention too honest and able.

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