Let's not do this

By: NYTrojan

It's pretty clear I'm no Dem right?  I may not like Trump very much but I definitely hate big government, nanny state, handouts for everybody.  I'm a firm believer that you can't give something to someone who hasn't earned it without first taking it from someone who has.

That said, nobody has a monopoly on being right.  Nobody has the whole truth.  I am really not fond of demonizing the opposition and allowing politics to turn into team sport.  This blinds you to your own mistakes and failures (which we ALL have), and eliminates the idea of compromise which our entire political system is based on.

Yes I get it, Obama did the same thing.  But "He sucked too" is no excuse for us sucking as well.  SOMEONE has to step up and be the bigger man.  At some poing we need to start working together again, which means compromising and not getting everything you waht, which is a GOOD thing.  Those in power should get MORE of what they want than those without, but cramming things down without solid compromise is how Obamacare came to be.  

It's far better to wind up with everybody... EVEN the opposition... getting a little bit of what they want than it is to begin a cycle of one side having power doing everything they like, and the other side getting power and wiping it all away.  Stability is valuable and teaching the Dems what compromise looks like is a GOOD Thing.  Demonizing them so that we can get away with whatever we want just perpetuates the shit cycle they started.  

Let's back off the "If you disagree you HATE AMERICA" and lean harder on the "Do you have anything constructive to add, or are you just whining because you lost?".  Challenge them to really dig deep and investigate their motives.  Challenge them to ask "Is what I'm doing actually satisfying those desires, or is it just a 'me me pay attention to me' tantrum?  

I think it's safe to say everybody wants an America that is a better place for them and their families.  They are approaching it from a different, perhaps misguided or selfish way, but to drop the "you hate america" line ends the conversation.  It gives them every reason to ignore anything you actually have to say about their stance and methods, and it gives YOU every reason to ignore what may be valid criticism hidden within the vitriol.  

We all need to take a deep breath and start acting like god damn adults again.  

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