If we use their bad behavior

By: NYTrojan

to excuse our own then we are just continuing the problem, and we guarantee that it will be worse when they get back in power.  We encourage escalation.  

Do you really think the Dems will never capture the white house again?  Do you really want them to say "Well Trump did whatever he wanted so we will again, ONLY WORSE?"  Do you really want to be a part of continually showing half of America the Middle Finger?  Rejoycing when it's your turn and being miserable when it's theirs?

We have the opportunity to be the bigger men now and try to put an end to this.  How big would that be, for TRUMP of all people to be the one who extends the real olive branch?  And it starts with open and honest discussion, giving the benefit of the doubt with respect to their MOTIVES while decrying their actions and methods.  

Yes they started it.  But continuing it is bad for everybody.

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