You're just flat out wrong here.

By: Dr. Spock

None of the EOs you listed expanded executive authority.

The temporary ban on travel/immigration has been used by almost every president since Grover Cleveland, most recently used by Obama in 2015 to temporarily stop travel from Iraq.  It was not an expansion of Presidential authority.  It was a proper exercise of executive authority granted by Congress.

The new hiring for DHS and the anti-crime EO are both authorized by statute.  All Trump did was say he was going to hire more people and that ALL the laws was going to be enforced now, including the ones Obama refused to enforce.  Under current statutes, Trump has the authority to do that. 

Giving the final approval of the Dakota Pipeline is an expansion of presidential power now?  LOL! The president is required by statute to review the project and give it either a tumbs up or a thumbs down based upon the findings of various agencies' reports.  ALL those reports said the pipeline should be approved and ALL of them came out about 3 years ago.  To suck up to the radical environmentalists, Obama was trying to delay the pipeline by ordering yet another report from the Army Coprs of Engineers, a report the Corps said was 100% unneccessary.  Trump merely approved the pipeline without the new, redundant Corp study.  Again Trump's approval/disapproval was required by statute.

So I'm still waiting for you to find one EO by Trump that actually expands presidential authority.  I'm sure it will eventually happen, but so far all of Trump's EOs have been spot on.  I believe what's next for Trump is the EPA and its byzantine environmental rules and regulations, many of which have NEVER been approved or authorized by Congress. 


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