You fail basic reading comp

By: NYTrojan

Kindly re-read my post where I flat out state that he is not expanding executive authority.  I never once stated he is expanding executive authority.  I stated very plainly that he is NOT.  

I'll try once more.  For the dummies in the back.

He isn't expanding authority.  That was not, and has never been my position.  

He is abusing the already over-expanded authority.  Obama opened the door, but Trump sure as hell isn't closing it.  

It was wrong when Obama did it.  It's still wrong now.

I'm beginning to think you are choosing to ignore this point.

me:  He's abusing EOs.  They represent too much executive branch power used this way.  
You:  He's not increasing his power!  
Me:  You're right.  He doesn't have to.  He's abusing the power already given.  
You:  How is it abuse?  He's only using them to undo Obama's work
Me:  Here's all the EOs that aren't undoing Obama's work
You:  See?  I told you he wasn't increasing power

I'm sure in response to this you'll argue that he's only using EOs to undo Obama's work...

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