Get on your knees and sing a hymn

By: Judson Duck

to the "Holy Aunt", that is Mother Nature.

I remember when protecting a little fish called the "snail darter" was more important than building reservoirs. Your current governor Jerry Brown Jr. was involved somehow in this.

How you stop droughts is to live good Liberal Lives and then Mother Nature will be happy with you and will protect you from droughts, don't believe me? Then ask Governor Brown of California.

Then the Ducks can try to win the Pac 6 (Oregon, Oregon state, Washington, Washington State, Utah, and Colorado), turn it into the Pac 10  by adding BYU, UNLV, Nevada-Reno, and Colorado State.

With California its own country, you cn give a Chrystal footbll to Stanford, the Republic of California's chammpion team. Also the Bruins can get the California National Basketball Championship.

The Warriors, Kings, Lakers, and Clippers could staay in the NBA, the NBA already has foreign teams (Toronto).

Enjoy your independence, California. No more president Trump, instead it will be President Brown.


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