Visit to Twin Tower'e site 12/2011

By: TexCG

The cab driver asked me why I wanted to visit the site? He said there is nothing to see. I told him that I wanted to fill myself with enough anger that it would last my whole life.  It worked.  A day doesn't go by that I do not remember the "first responders" running up the stairs while they told the people coming down to get as far away from the building as possible.  Or the sight of people in total silence holding on to each other as they jumped off the roof of the twin towers.  To peace loving Muslins, if you live next to a terrorist, get out and move away because we will destroy the whole building to get them.  We do not want to kill you but we will to get the targets until every radical muslim terrorists is dead.  Trump will destroy ISIS, which is why he won. 

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