Interesting times in DC

By: howlinwolf

What is the GOP's best political move regarding ObamaCare?  They have ginned up support from the base for years with their attacks on the "nanny state", out-of-control government spending, etc.  Now, they find themselves with no great alternatives.  If they pass "TrumpCare" as it currently exists, they risk alienating their hardcore anti-spending base by supporting another entitlement, though one less expensive than ObamaCare.  They also would then own the whole health care funding nightmare by having their plan in place and erasing Democrats responsibility for the shortcomings of ObamaCare.  Another alternative would be to just cancel ObamaCare, but then they would have to face an unending series of news articles about "my aunt Edna died because she lost her health insurance."  I think their best move would be to let the ACA simply die under its own weight, as Trump has suggested, and sell it as the smartest solution and leave the blame on the Demacrats for their "flawed" solution.  Unfortunately, the value of that solution diminishes as the GOP noodles around trying to replace the ACA.  

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