it really wouldn't be hard to fix.

By: San Clemente

and you could fix the VA problem at the same time. 


Simply give Veterans vouchers to buy their own insurance and go anywhere they want. 


Use the VA facilities as public welfare hospitals where the leaches on medicaid and people that didn't buy insurance to cover exisiting problems  could go and wait in line .  It's not like they have a job to be at. 


Open up the insurance market with no state boundaries. Tort reform.  Let people form groups to buy health insurance. Let self employed write it off just like corps do now.  Let young adults buy catastrophic care.  And let the market work it out.   People find a way to see the dentist without gubment regulations.  And if you let md's write off seeing poor people and not getting paid jack shit.  That problem will also be solved.  Same way it worked back in the 60's. 


Problems solved. sc 

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