I think that the GOP is really in a bind.

By: howlinwolf

They have always promoted the indepedence and self-reliance of the American frontier spirit...or, in other words optimism;  if a person is at the bottom of the food chain he can, through hard work and perseverence, attain the American dream.  And, somewhat amazingly, they have gotten people to accept optimism in place of actual prosperity.  If the GOP is able to roll back ACA benefits for a significant number of people, those people will see a significant decline in the quality of their lives and optimism will become a very hard sell.  The GOP's bind is, having spent years railing against the ACA, they really don't have the option of doing nothing having control of Congress and the White House.  The ultimate irony is that the more "moderate" Republicans have replaced the Democrats as the enemy of the conservative purists.

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