Pretty dumb

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Sean Spicer just responded to the same crap you posted by saying all Trump said was whatever it takes to get an honest testimony from Flynn to congressional commtee's should be used and it is up to Flynns attorneys to work that issue all the President wants is the truth....and again why not focus on the real did and who unmasked Flynn which was illegal and how did Trump and his collegues get wire tapped and who autorized it and for what purpose....the Russia thing is a diversion from the real issue which is members or the WH illegally stompin g on civil rights of american citizens...the Russia thing is a waste of time and merely more obstruction methods by the spicer iterated's interesting how the press focuses on it's anti-trump agenda but ignored the fact that when Hillary was SS she worked a deal where we gave Russia 20% of our Uranium, she did a "reset" in which she said the goal was to strengthen Russia and she took huge bucks along with her husband from russia...where's that investigation?

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