seems to me the smart move

By: bigballss

is to not shove executive orders up peoples ass but instead use the leverage and huuuge advantage provided by  having a majority in both houses. Trump used the negotiation tactic known as "the takeaway" with his health act. take  this now the way it is or im moving on. I have seen it work in my business and I have used it in the past. very risky but effective in some cases. The problem is when it doesn't work, you have nowhere to go. That's fine in real estate, you go find another deal.In this case, it didn't work because the other side didn't have a strong desire to make a deal. A fundamental need for the takeaway to work. Trump either didn't recognize that or more likely tried to get his way despite that, ego, bully or not smart enough, you pick.

The Krunch technique or even The Nibble would have been better but both of those require you to put your ego aside. Fundamental problem.

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