Democrat's best strategy

By: Bay Area Trojan

would be to  NOT impreach Trump.

Like it or not, Donald Trump seems to be floundering around, always in the news, but not in a good way.

The one thing he has, and had, going for him was that he was not Hillary Clinton.

Compared to her, he looks good, however that is like a "D" student is better than an "F" student.

If he is impeached, then Pence becomes President, which is what conservatives should want.

IMO the best strategy for Democrats is to NOT impeach hm, leave him in there to flounder around for another year and a half, make gains in the House and Senate.

The baby Boom  strikes again, gives people a choice between The Donald and Hillary.

The circus is in town for a few years.

But think of this, no matter how bad things seem to be, IMO this is still  better than what Hillary would have given us.

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