Oil and Jobs

By: Bay Area Trojan

IMO this is how the Trump Presidency will be judged by most people.

OIL:  The goal here is to allow the US to be self-sufficient, to produce enough oil to meet its needs without having to deal with the Middle East and the insane way they sometimes do things.

Some good news is that Trump is easing some of the strict environmental regulations, allowing for more exploration and production in extrcting oil. IMO he is a definite improvement over what we had before him.

JOBS: This includes manufacturing jobs. The sort of job in a factory producing items "made in the USA". These include jobs that people can do without going to college, a High School Diploma is sufficient. The goal here is to be able to find at the store more items with "Made in the USA" on them and fewer items with "made in China", "made in Mexico", etc. on them. It seems like he has had a good start with this.

A good performance with OJ (Oil and Jobs) and he should be able to earn his second terms without a problem. People woudl then either forgive or forget these early days of "OJT" (On the job training) and appparant stumbling around.

I wish him the best in this endeavor.

He seems to have a good beginning here, he just needs to keep up the good work.




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