Enthusiastic followers

By: Bay Area Trojan

Bernie had lots of enthusiastic millenials.

IMO many Hillary supporters were not enthusiastic.

Also the main campaign against Hillary had to do with her character, that she was a corrupt and evil person. IMO other political issues were not raised or barely raised. The main thing was dealing with "Crooked Hillary" and voting against her because of her lack of character.

IMO the enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders among millenials would have been enough to win some close elections (examples: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan).

I am not saying it would have been good for the country, I was just bringing up the irony that it may have been better for the country to have "Crooked Hillary" be the Democrats nominee, this got rid of the enthusiastic millenials and opened the way for Trump to win some close elections and thus win the Electoral vote.

Just speculating.

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