This is not true

By: NYTrojan

Auggie, you know the nature of my work a bit.  I've tried to avoid saying much about it here, but at minimum you know that I have significant ties with the intelligence community.  You know I know what I'm talking about here.

I'll say this:  Nobody who really knows much about what goes on in the intelligence community wanted him fired.  He was well loved by his own people and other intelligence agencies which is a rare thing.  He was one of the most bipartisan appointments ever made.  Yes Obama gave him the job, but George W Bush gave him his first job on the hill as a Dept Att General.  

From the inside, from actual people in the intelligence community the firing is seen as a betrayal and an attempt at a coverup.  Comey was given the biggest shitburger someone in his position could be given to eat:  Significant evidence of wrongdoing but anything but an ironclad case against a well connected presidential candidate.  Simply put:  You don't prosecute someone like that unless you've got a slam dunk.  We all would have liked to see it happen, but it would have been an absolute mess and a disaster and would have lead to nothing in the end.  It was the right call at the worst time.  

Yes there was grumbling about the desire to move forward with the investigation from within the FBI... but this is the same kind of grumbling we all do at our jobs.  Intelligence agents are like dogs with bones.  They want to pursue them to the end, it's a chase.  Still, for all the overblown conversation you may have seen about "Insiders blame Comey for shutting down the investigation" these people did agree it was the right decision, though they didn't like the taste of it.  

Now, moving away from things I KNOW and towards things I THINK, I think it's a bad move politically for Trump.  Comey is well connected and well liked in Washington, on both sides of the aisle.  He's also been freed to give full testamony now.  The optics alone are terrible:  He didn't just fire a director who he felt was doing a poor job.  H efired a director in the middle of an acitve investigation into his own campaign.  Trump (assuming innosence) would have been far better suited to letting the investigation to run its course over the next year and fire him when it is completed.  Better to be seen as vindictive than covering something up.  

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