There's little doubt

By: NYTrojan

the Russians influenced the election.  That's undeniable.  Multiple intelligence agencies have come to that conclusion. Officially and on the record.

It isn't a waste of money to determine if the President's campaign was complicit in the efforts.  I personally do not believe they were, but we deserve the truth.  We need the truth.  That our system was infiltrated by an enemy nation is a huge embarassment to our democracy that must never happen again.  We must know if they had help.  

I, for one, am glad that we finally got someone involved who can prove to both sides the truth of the matter.  Meuller is beyond reproach.  

Honestly, I don't see why any Trump supporter would be anything but thrilled over this appointment.  If Meuller finds nothing, the left has to accept that.  It will remove, once and for all, one of their greatest complaints about Trump and deliver the president a huge amount of political capital.  It will reaffirm his mandate.  How could you not want that?

And if Meuller does find something, how could any true American, not want that to come to light either?  I don't think he is in bed with Russia, but if he is he MUST go.  It's a win-win for America.  Trump will either be fully vindicated and his enemies will be forced to deal with him with nothing left to degrade him, or the country will remove a significant source of corruption.  

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