It's the official conclusion of the DNI

By: NYTrojan

You want evidence?  Here's the official report from the Department of National Intelligence.  The Russians had a widespread campaign ordered by Putin himself.  That's not my words, that's not the liberal left's words.  That's the words of the FBI, CIA, and NSA.  Note that they're not saying Trump was involved.  His campaign could be completely innocent and Russia just wanted to muck with our system.  I personally suspect this is the case and Meuller will prove it.  However you cannot say the Russians didn't get their hands dirty in our election.  Our intelligence agencies concluded so and are confident enough in their conclusions to relase that conclusion unclassified.

Look, the left will always hate Trump, but if Meuller finds nothing they'll be forced to accept that.  They may still believe he's guilty, but they'll have absolutely zero political standing to act on that belief.  I'm not saying you'll be free of obnoxious texts and status updates from that bratty neice you've got in her sophomore year of college.  I'm saying democratic congressmen and women will be forced to let the issue drop.  Once and for all.  They'll attack something else, to be sure, but this is the only one that has real teeth to it.  Everything else is petty.  Proving without a doubt that Trump had no hand in Russia's meddling will be a significant hit to the political capital the Dems have been trying to build up for the midterms.  

Edit:  Let me paint you a picture.  Meuller's report comes out.  There is no evidence of a connection between Trump's campaign and the Russian efforts.  Midterm elections are coming up.  Trump and other Republicans start having a campaign of "They said I was in bed with the Russians.  They LIED.  Meuller, whom everybody agrees can't be bought, proved it.  What else are they lieing about?  How can you trust them about ANY of the things they say about me.  I've said over and over again that they've been leading a witch hunt against me and Meuller just proved it"

You don't see that as a compelling message going into the midterms?

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