You can't be that naive

By: NYTrojan

They successfully established sleeper agents into US Electoral boards.  But they had no effect.

They gained access they gained to the DNC networks and distributed damning evidence they found there.  But that had no effect.

They conducted the widest and most successful foreign propaganda campaign in the last 30 years.  But they forgot that Americans are immune to propaganda.

My goodness.  Putin sure is wasting a lot time, effort, and money for no effect at all.

But hey, let's say you're right.  They tried.  Really hard.  But it didn't work.  Even a little.

Does that really change ANYTHING?  We know they tried.  They tried really hard. You can't deny that.  The effort was, and I quote "Boldest Yet in the US".  If Trump was complicit in Russian efforts to influence the election do you forgive him because "you can't prove it worked?"  Does that make him working with a foreign state to take the election less terrible?  Would you really ignore it if there was smoking gun proof he was involved in the Russian efforts just because they didn't work?  Are you really saying "We don't need to find out if our President was involved in the Russian plot to meddle with our election because while we know the Russians tried we don't know that their efforts mattered?"

There is nothing but good to come out of this investigation.  If the president worked with the Russians, whether they were successful or not, he needs to go.  When it's proven he wasn't we can hang this whole thing as a big albatross on the necks of the Dems that pushed for it.  "You see? It WAS a witch hunt.  Just like everything else you've said about him".  They're making this into a hill to die on.  

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