And you're a conspiracy nut if you believe that.

By: Dr. Spock

1. NYT said: "They successfully established sleeper agents into US Electoral boards."  Please provide proof of this. LOL! Sleeper agents on electoral boards?  Oh man, you're killing me.  You know how nutty you sound?  Can you provide proof that the voting machines were hacked or that these sleeper agents somehow messed with the voting results?  Of course you can't because it never happened.

2. NYT said: "They gained access they gained to the DNC networks and distributed damning evidence they found there." Please provide proof of this.  I know that many people have speculated that the DNC hacks came from Russia but there has been no proof of it.  The DNC REFUSED to cooperate with the FBI on this, by the way.  And the Russians tried to also hack the GOP but they failed.

The whole thing is a crock of sh*t that Democrats and their leaders in the Beltway media made up to try to de-legitmize Trump's Presidency.  It is a total waste of time for the FBI to be investigating it.  The FBI is only supposed to investigate crimes.  Even if you believe that people in the Trump campaign somehow coordinated with Russia, that is not a crime. 

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