It's truly amazing how dense you choose to be

By: NYTrojan

Do you realize what the terms "actor" and "compromise" mean in this context?  Yes I thought not.  As for the rest, the FBI is the lowest rung agency on this report.  It's co-authored by the CIA and NSA, both of which have means of determining the truth with or without the DNC's cooperation.  Do you realize what the words "With High Confidence" mean in the context of an intelligence briefing?  That's a very specific term.  It's not thrown around lightly, based on little more than testamony from a few people who have a lot to gain.  

Do you really think The NSA, CIA, and FBI all agreed to lie about what they found?  

As for the rest, you really will forgive literally anything.  

Give me one example of these numerous times a presidential candidate was party to foreign enemy government's efforts to compromise a presidential election.  I'd love to hear it. 

The backgreaking limbo you're willing to do here is really astounding.  

"The russians didn't do anything"

"Here's a doc outlining everything they did, including gaining access to electoral boards and the DNC computer hacks"

"They didn't do that"

"The FBI, CIA, and NSA says they did.  Here's where the FBI, CIA, and NSA says they did"

"Well they're lying."

Who is the conspiracy nut now?  The person who points at published articles with lists of findings and evidence, or the person who says "That entire branch of the government is lying, to us, to congress, to everybody with power to call them on it, just to reduce the credibility of the president"  


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