Here's the story the tell themselves

By: NYTrojan

It's not one I agree with, but you can see there is logic there.

All of the numbers show that millennials are watching less sports than any generation before.  Truthfully they're not very interested in traditional Television in general.  

"Whatever, Fuck the millennials" you say.  Except that age group is in the coveted 18-26 demographic now.  The big spenders.  The ones advertisers drool over.  You want the big ad bucks, you get college kids to watch your programming.  

Okay, how do we do that?  Well, college kids skew hard left and DO go on about politics.  That's what we'll do.  Bring in what they like.  Discus tweets.  Discus politics.  Get players talking politics and activisim.  That's what gets millenials hard.  We can bait the hook with hard left politics and get them into sports again.  It's how the Daily Show stayed relevant for so long.  It'll work for us.  

And the more they lose ratings, the more they think they have to push this strategy even harder.  Lose the next generation and your show goes under... it's just a matter of time.  They're 100% bought in to the idea that "We have to catch the millennials to survive".  

So it does make a bit of sense.  There's a market they have to capture and they know that market likes this stance.  Not only that but this market will aboslutely boycott your shit over even slightly implied variance with their own political dogma.  Additionally, they don't care all that much about you and me.  Anybody over 30 counts about 1/3rd what someone under 26 does to advertisers.  They can lose 3 of us for every kid they lure back.  Plus, they have can't miss programming.  No matter how angry they make us, we're probably still going to watch Monday Night Football.  We are less likely to boycott the NFL and College football championship game over their left bullshit than kids are for even a moderate politcal take regarding gender issues.

Of course they've completely missed the mark.  You aren't bringing kids back to TV.  You've got to take TV to the kids.  That means meeting them where they're at:  Online.  Until that happens they're going to continue to lose them, while alienating the rest of us.  But their old business model is controllable and makes a lot more money, so they're not willing to go that route.  

They want to keep old outdated business models, while still courting young up-to-date viewers.  It's a losing battle to be sure and it'll be fun to watch them crumble.

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