Did you know that sailors on nuke subs

By: NYTrojan

don't know where they are?  The officers do, but a solid 80% of the souls on the boat aren't told where they are beyond what hemisphere they're sailing in.  

The Russia nonsense... that's going to blow over.  Trump didn't need Russian efforts and I'm pretty darn certain he never asked for them.  

But telling the president of the Phillipines that "We have two nuclear submarines near North Korea" is just insane.

I don't know how much you folks know about military deployments or confidential classifications... but there is literally no military secret more closely guarded than the position and number of our submarine fleet.  We share that information with NOBODY.  Not even our closest allies.  It would be inappropriate for him to share this with Canada.  This information is actually guarded more closely than our communication crypto codes.

That's right, we'd rather let the enemy listen in on what commands our officers are issueing in the field than indicate the number and position of our sub arsenal.  

Subs are quiet, but not silent.  China now has information they can use to go over their submarine detection algorithms.  I'm sure they figured out there was a sub in the area...  but not knowing how many is a HUGE deal.  If their data was predicting two subs they now know that their algorithm is well honed and accurate.  Without knowing how many they could be guessing... did we misread one?  Are there more?  How much can we trust this interpretation of the data we received?  Did we fail to catch the second one?  Let's look through the dataset again and see if we can find some new signature that might be giving it away.

This is a serious strategic blunder.  He has GOT to be more careful with what he says when trying to impress other heads of state.

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