I don't think it was about burritos

By: bigballss

i'm not going to go back and read the article again but it was about the tortilla and how it is made. something about the flavor and texture and how the flour is rolled. Is that public domain or a trade secret like the colonels special blend of herbs and spices? I don't know.Also, it looks like they closed because consumers stopped buying. There was no lawsuit or agency that closed them down. Consumers always have the  last word. if a product is good I buy it/consume it without a care of the race of the person that made it.The image of these ladies "peeking thru windows" to see how the product is made (after being rebuffed in their request to know the recipe) is something they should have kept to themselves. I think Dr Spock's headline is a little misleading. I think anyone can sell Burritos in portland. That's all.

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