Boomers strike again

By: Bay Area Trojan

The generation that makes Mountains out of Molehills, that worries about Typoons(hurricanes) in a Bowl of Soup is

at it again.

In Colorado a gay couple that was married in another state and now is celebrating their "wedding" in Colorado went

to Masterpiece Bakeshop and wanted then to bake a wedding cake for them. The owner refused because as a

fundamentalist Christian he did not support same-sex marriage and that by baking the cake he would be expressing

support for an act prohibited under Christian Law.

Instead of taking their business elsewhere, the gay couple and their lawyers brought a court case for "Discrimination"

to Colorado Court.

Now this case will be  heard by the Supreme Court.

"Religious freedom" versus "Non-discrimination" seems to be the theme here.

A "Federal Case" has been made out of the baker's refusal to bake the cake.

IMO because this is now a "Federal Case", the decision will become precedent to support unintended consequences:


If the gay couple wins: does that mean that it if someone wants to celebrate ISIS as "Liberators of the  Oppressed"

and wants a cake decorated as the ISIS flag, someone else wants the Trojan Band to play "Hail to the Hills of

Westwood" it must do it. A Southern type wants to celebrate the KKK, etc.

Also they can legally force the baker to bake their cake, but exactly what will be put in the cake (Ex-Lax, anyone?)


If the Baker wins: does it mean that Moslems can say "We followers of Allah have religious freedom too", is it OK that

a Moslem kills or hurts infidels because "Allah commands it". Can Hindus say" we have religious freedom too" and

get a law forbidding the playing of football because "it is too violent and the Buddah wants us to live nonviolent


Also is this the most pressing problem facing the  nation now? Shouldn't time and energy be  spent elsewhere.

But no, the Boomers can't settle a disput by themselves, instead

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