By: Bay Area Trojan

Not only will Mexico pay every dime, but the Lakers will win the 2018 NBA Championship with Lonzo Ball winning

the Finals MVP.

Mexico has already said they will not pay for the wall.  If the USA wants to build it, fine, but the USA will have to

pay for it.

Three ways to change that:

a. Sue Mexico in the Hague. The International Court sides the the USA. If the Hague declares it, it will happen (just ask

the Philippines who sued China over the Spratly Islands, the Court decided in the Philippines' favor but China said "get l

lost!" and is still there)

b. Go to war, invade Mexico, and take it over. The cost of the war probably will be higher than the cost of the wall, so

that turns into a losing deal.

c. Make an issue about it at the UN. Of course, out of reflex, China and/or Russia will veto any resolutions about it.



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