How did Venezuela happen?

By: bread

With great stores of oil, they should be a Workers Paradise by now...with more celebrity visits from Shawn Penn and Danny Glover.  Maybe more praise from the new collectivist Pope

BUT NO....they are on the brink of complete chaos and anarchy.  The military is stealing from citizens.  Our Big media prefers to Ignore the story....other than to suggest Trump caused it with something he said.

Is OUR GOLDEN STATE is heading that way?  Another "socialist paradise", as a new $ 5 BILLION dollar state gas tax is not enough.  

Here's more CAP and TRADE you all wanted and a 1/4 of the Billions go for the "Train to Nowhere" aka the UNION REVIVAL Effort. 

 NEXT:  The REALLY BIGGG TAX HIKES  SR6 end run on that evil Prop 13, which has held ravenous Sacramento at bay for so long.



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