He is doing better than most think

By: Bay Area Trojan

According to the MSM, President Trump has not done that well.

However, that is not neccessarily true.

Attached is an article that even snowflakes should read, it lists many of President Trump's accomplishments in his first

six months of office.

An article that indicates that Trump has done an excellent job while in the White House.


I actually  heard this preached in a church i was visiting while on vacation:

A prayer for both snowflakes and Trump supporters:

"Oh Creator God, the God that created the Universe, please give us, the Baby Boom generation, a sign. A sign to help

us settle the debate and doubt about President Donald Trump. We a generation that has lost faith and requires

proof and signs. Here is that sign. Please use your omnicient power to interfere with the result of the USC versus UCLA

football game to be played this November 2017. If the snowflakes are right, if Trump and those who voted for him are

wrong and in error, please indicate that by causing the Liberal's team, the UCLA Bruins, to defeat the  USC Trojans in

football this  November. If the snowflakes are wrong, that Donald Trump and those who voted for him are right, then

cause the USC Trojans to defeat the UCLA Bruins in football this November.

I promise to abide by Your decision and sign.  Amen!"


But still, here is an article about President Trump's

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