That is the rub

By: Bay Area Trojan

Being President of the USA is different than being President of a corporation.

The President of a corporation can get things done. He or She is the boss, getting the management to act as a team

with a united purpose. Those that don't want to do things the team's way are fired and replaced with those who will

be members of the team.

However that is not what the President of the USA faces. The Constitution's writers deliberately made things

convoluted and difficult. They had experience with "efficient" rule by King George III of Britain. They did not want

a King. They developed the idea of "checks and balances".

Unfortunately, what developed was a two party system, currently the Republicans and the Democrats. Nowadays

they treat each other as rivals, similar to Bruins and Trojans. This means if President Trump wants to get something

done,  he must do it with Republicans only. Democrats will oppose on principle (similar to Bruins rooting against the

Trojans and Trojans rooting against the Bruins.

Of course this happened before with Democrat Presidents and Republican controlled Congresses.

President Reagans "Eleventh Commandment" no longer applies. It was something on the lines of "Thou shalt not

speak ill of a fellow Republican". This helped to insure that Republicans would stand togethert.

But then, President Reagan was of the "World War II" generation, as were many of the Congress and Senate of 1980.

This mess, on both sides of the aisle, brought to you by the Baby Boom Generation.



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