You need to read your history

By: Old Hickory Trojan

during the Korean conflict McArthur wanted to nuke North Korea if he had to as he had North Korea on the run and China started sending thier troops  to bolster the North Korean effort and Mcarthur figured if he had to go to war with Communist China and nuke them as necesaary also to stop the aggressive pursuit  and spread of communism this was the time. Truman called McArhur back to the US and basically fired him for insorbrdination because he wasn't tasked to win the war or start one with Chima.....but in retrospect McArthur was correct if we had taken care of business then we wouldn't be dealing with this problem now and probably would have never been involved in Vietnam....sometimes you don't wait for your enemy to challenge you with distruction when you can cut him off at the knees before he has a chance to stand up


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