Progressives DEFINING the ALT-RIGHT?

By: bread

The proper definition and important distinction are simple.  

Think SWAMP and Anti-SWAMP.   The Anti-swampers. were not accurately GOP.  Hence Alt-Right.

The Swampers are on both Dems and many of the'moderate" GOP side.  From Romney to McConnell.  All about Big Bureaucracy and control.   It is where political favors reside most thoroughly.

 Fold in sorry GOP Losers like McCain and Lindsay GrAMENSTY.  So GOP  was not really just the Right any longer.  (And not all Dems were still Liberal either)

That is Trump's base and the minute white nationalists or Klan are NOT any significant portion of that base.  

Certainly not as significant as the numbers of illegals, BLM racists, anti-capitalists, communists, pro-Islamists and University socialists who are A REAL base for Dems. and many in the leadership of the D'Rat party. 

The Dems (swampers) despise electorate's control,  Particularly if the electorate wants any changes. to their dictates--


Tonight I will be watching to see if Trump gives love to Sen. Flake.  An outspoken OPEN borders GOP hump.

Like Graham, he has put all his chips on a Dem winin the long term.  Esp. in their efforts to transform Millions of Illegals into voters. 



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