United Nations scolding

By: Rodeo Trojan

The UN Human Rights Panal is warned the US to stop the racism, investigate and control the KKK, White nationalists, Neo-Nazis, etc.

The UN is upset.

Will UN troops be sent in to enforce this???

Probably not. In other parts of the world, the UN Court in the Hague has ordered China to stop occupying the Spratly Islands in the

South China Sea. China said "no", it will do as it is doing, including making new islands and considering the South China Sea as Chinese

Territory. This same UN Human Rights Panal has ordered Philippine President Duterte to leave the Drug Dealers and users alone. Instead

he ignores them and continues to do what  he has been doing. Looks like a pattern here.

We can just ignore the UN.

Question for the board: Should the US leave the United Nations?

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