Give me a break dude.

By: Dr. Spock

The major reason why the USSR backed down in the Cuban Missile Crisis is because Kennedy secretly agreed to remove imtermediate ICBMs from Turkey.  In the event of WW III, those ICBMs would have devasted the Donbass in about 18 minutes. The Donbass was then an indispensable part of the Soviet War Machine, where they produced almost all of their nuclear weapons and other rare materials (at least in 1962).  That's what scared the sh*t out of the Russians in 1962, not Cuba or missiles in Germany.

And despite your poo-pooing, the threat from the Norks is very real.  I also have doubts about whether they can hit Hawaii, Alaska, or California but the USA has treaty obligations to defend South Korea and Japan in the event of any attack.  And the Norks can certainly hit Seoul or Tokyo with multiple nuclear warheads.

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