Breitbart comic book patrol

By: Rodeo Trojan

One of the latest articles on features an attack on DC Comics latest adventure of Superman.

Here Superman defends illegal aliens from a "white supremist"

Actually, IMO, it is logical to have Superman side with illegal immigrants, since he is actually one himself:

For those who forgot the Superman story in DC comics:

Superman was born on another planet, called by its natives "Krypton".

Just before Krypton exploded, his father Jor-el put Superman as a baby in a small rocket ship and launched him away from Krypton to crash land in a field somewhere in the Midwest. He survived the crash landing, was found by a childless farming couple, brought to an

orphanage, then adopted and raised by by the couple. At no time was he naturalized, nor did he apply for immigration status or naturalization, nor was this done by the Kents, who adopted him. The only way he could have been a US citizen would have been

through an act of Congress.

A little excursion into  the world of Comic Books brought to you by  the Boomer generation, the Boomer who is now writing and

drawing the Superman stories for DC Comics.

Enjoy the article below


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