Deep State


            The Deep State has been difficult to isolate and deal with because it is not an organization or a finite body it is disease of society.  It denotes all elements of our society that feeds on power and will seek to retain power at all costs inside and outside of government.  What makes them so effect and difficult to deal with is their ability when threaten to mutate to a new form.  They will do anything to survive and remain in power.  They have no driving ideology or purpose other than remaining in power.  They consist of the independent actions of thousands of people not a finite organized conspiratorial group that can be isolated.  The deep state can be recognized by actions of individuals that appear to be contradictory to the goals of their affiliated organization. The deep state actions can be seen in all organizations, from Government to political organizations. 


            The Deep State must be dealt with on a case by case basis where abuse of power has been exercised by individuals through their miss use of power by their affiliated organization.

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