Hey OHT, as a gun enthusiast

By: bigballss

Whats your take on these bump stock thingys. Should they be outlawed? Im not a gun owner nor a gun aficionado. It seems insane to me that this type of modification is available to the public at large.  I am guessing people buy these for the thrill of firing a gun at full auto. But thats just a guess. Why should these things be available to the public at large?

This douche in vegas did something so brutally effective that even ISIS was like "yeah he is one of ours". The crime was so effective you have to wonder if terrorists will try to copy it.

Ps...i direct the question at OHT because he has posted about his affinity for guns but please anyone else, comment. Also, how can someone buy 39 high caliber weapons, all that ammunition and not attract attention from law enforcement.


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