I didn't say he wasn't nuts

By: Old Hickory Trojan

but in case you hadn't noticed it seems that violence seems to have taken the place of different points of view and personally I beleive it's much more mainstream in the far left then in the far right other then a few neo nazi's and such...the fact that left poliical leaders are calling for it is extremely disapointing....acceptance of this kind of behavior from the dallas shootings to the riots in Maryland and Missouri is all left driven and some paid for by guy like Soros...the Wallstreet BS ...also partially funded by Soros...and as much as I hate the idea of right wing extremists there were those in Charlotsville but they had a permit while the left which as we found out later were the real aggitators and violence followed.....most disturbing in all of those situations the politician s on the left not allowing law enforcement do their jobs and defending these acts...and then making statements that were pure lies to aggitate even further....I look at it this way as an individual...I'm covered, I know my rights, I know the laws, I train,  and I have attorneys ready to defend me if necessary in a court of law. Anyone that assumes they are safe and protected in today's world should learn by the Vegas inicident and how the hell someone can get that many weapons into a hotel room un-noticed is beyond me when authorities have been talking for years about terrorism and large crowd gatherings.

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