Funny how things work

By: Old Hickory Trojan

wonder if the FED will destroy this guy like they did the baker who wouldn't bake a cake for a gay marriage......

A Seattle coffee shop owner kicked a group of Christians out of his establishment on Sunday, telling them their presence was unwelcome, as he was offended by an illustration they’d been distributing, graphically denouncing abortion

.His anger was so intense, that at one point he told the group he never wanted to stop being a homosexual, and that he would have homosexual relations with Jesus if given the chance.

A group of anti-abortion activists entered Bedlam Coffee to purchase beverages and relax, when, according to The Liberator, a barista told the owner that the group was there.The owner was seemingly incensed that the Christian group had been handing out pamphlets to Seattle locals, calling out abortion as sin and spreading Biblical messages. The man confronted the group, declaring himself to be “gay” and telling the Christians to leave his shop immediately.

A Facebook video of the exchange (see below) was posted by Abolish Human Abortion, an anti-abortion Christian group.“I’m gay, you have to leave,” the owner tells the group of Christians. “This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended.”The Christinas said they hadn’t placed any of the information in the shop, and wanted to know what about the illustration offended him, but the owner told them to “shut up.”“There’s nothing you can say. This is you and I don’t want these people in this place,” the owner says.When the group asks why he can’t tolerate their presence, the owner’s anger intensifies, leading to his most startling declarations.

The owner asked the group of Christians if they would tolerate it if he had sex with his boyfriend in the coffee shop.

“Can you tolerate my presence? Really? If I go get my boyfriend and f— him in the a– right here you’re going to tolerate that? Are you going to tolerate it?” the owner asked.

One of the members of the group says he can choose to do as he likes, but that they wouldn’t watch.“Answer my f–ng question!” the owner says. “No, you’re going to sit right here and f—ing watch it!”The group member says he would not want to watch, and the shop owner says he won’t tolerate them.“Leave all of you!” the owner insists. “Tell all your f—-ing friends don’t come here!”As the group prepares to leave, one woman says, “just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle.”“Yeah, I like a–,” the owner says. “I’m not going to be saved by anything. I’d f— Christ in the a–. Okay? He’s hot,” he said.

Abolish Human Abortion says they have “hours and hours of video footage featuring triggered Seattleites who apparently never in their lives come into contact with Christians who tell them what the Rainbow really means and how they can turn to Jesus Christ and be saved” according to a Facebook post.

The group says it was in community with the pamphlets, which feature a rainbow, bloody hands and an aborted fetus, because the rainbow has been “co-opted by those in rebellion to” God.

“Stop surrendering things to those who hate God. They don’t own the rainbow, they don’t own art, they don’t own coffee, and they don’t own healthcare,” the group posted on Facebook.They say they want Christians to, “Stop defining peace as happy coexistence with wickedness.”

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