There's a reason for this.

By: Java

I delete guys when they get out of line. I warn guys to make a Modification in their posts or change their nick if they are repeatedly being inappropriate If their response is to AGAIN pollute my board. Waste my time. Get me in trouble with severs and advertisers and offend people even after my warnings? I have two choices. 1 eliminate them permanently and 2 humiliate them with the edit button The latter has proven remarkably effective at getting their attention. Any time you see a post like that? The guy posted something so disrespectful. So offensive and so rude that my first thought was to eliminate them permanently. Neb and darnold are not welcome on the board because they are deceptive one trick ponies It is a board of homers who are cheering for their teams and want to talk about PAC 13 or west coast football. Those two have one purpose and that's to troll a particular school. They're one subject posters. Over and over. Yet both have nicks that would deceive a posterni to thinking they are fans and read their posts. Just as we would delete and have deleted guys who lost as uclafag or uclabob if they just teamed ucla we do the same for other schools too
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