If you hate USC as a university

By: Java

Then you're obviously not a fan. This is a board of supporters and fans. Of whatever school. Just pick one. He's not. And his nick along with darnolds falsely gives readers rheninpression he's a supporter. If he wants to rename himself Fred and become a ucla fan and post about ucla that'd be fine. If all you post about is that this coach sucks and the school sucks and the team sucks and you disappear during wins and shownuo only when the team loses? Guess what? You're a troll. Darnold and neb are both. Just time for me to pull them and give the board back to people who actually have a rooting interest for a school Tee hates their new coach but he's clearly an Oregon honk. Lol get it? Duck ? Honk? Ucla peolle who don't like mora clearly don't like USC and post on the hoops board proudly about ucla basketball. Our board isn't for people who want to show up and look for a place to sh&$. And oht is right about all he name calling and negative stuff. These people are largely the cause because they are internet trolls. So we prune and move on. They come back. Change their nicks. Adjust their new Internet personalities and become someone else. Happens all the time
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