If you posted 1,000 times

By: Java

And all you did was call a University and its staff names.  Dogged on them constantly and only showed up when they lose or predicting they would lose?  I'd say you're a troll.  


San Clemente is incessantly negative and sometimes to the point of laughable stupidity.  Yet it's pretty obvious he is a USC fan, even if it'sa negative one.


Another way you can look and find out?  See how they view the University.  So, let's take a tranny like DC  He hated USC as a University and just liked the football team.  But indicated enough interest in the team that you said "ok, fan, not alumnus or USC connected"  But then you get a guy like NEB who openly mocks the University, has USC in his name, and ALSO spends 100% of his time ripping the team and coaches?  You realize that's a troll.  That's a UCLA guy or a guy from another school who is just tryign to start internet trouble.  


Darnols Damn! is the same way but he is even more narrowly focused.  Everyone sucks, coaches suck, whole team sucks, Sam Darnold is Jesus in cleats and only reason USC is tolerable to watch or ever gainss a yard or wins a game is Sam Jesus Darnold.  One trick pony.  Tulsa was that way but I on;y kept him around because he kept San C in check.  Otherwise, that daily baiting and one subject baiting gets old fast.


The guys who have gotten in trouble like DC and Auggie werent in trouble because they were negative or trolls.  They weren't.  They got in trouble because they just lost their heads, got stupid and decided to go nuts on the profanity, vulgarity or the personal attacks on people.  I usually allow people to attack me more than I allow them to attack others.  If half the stuff that was said by those two about my family (Neb does this too), me etc was said about others, I'd have ditched them far sooner.   


People fogret that in the earliest days of the board I edited and deleted a TON.  I always am amused when people talk about the good old days when anything went.  It didn't,  


So when someone shows up as a troll, I usually let it got for awhile.  I try to engage them and try to find where their loyalties are.  If you have no loyalties (NEB, Darnold) then I watch even closer and are prone to delete faster.  I warn folks for their language and delete for it.  If people's response to my warning and editing is to post MORE and faster and copy and post their posts to make it even harder?  That's what you OHT DON'T see.  See, these guys know I am editing them and their response is to more MORE prodigous, more offensive, more profane.    At that point I know they are doing it JUST to be aholes.  They don't care at that point that I am saying "hey, knock it off"  they don't want to cool down because they are doing this completely in their rational minds.  Choosing to be polluters.


So.  After that, when it's so hard to keep up and they are posting so fst that I can't even watch the GAME?  Because I am deleting so fast?  Yeah, that pisses me off.  MY board, my place, and they are ruining my opportunity to enjoy my team because they are pissing like dogs on my lawn.  So yes.  At that point, I edit them and I make them look gay, stupid, child molestors, whatever.  I never do that until they have been openly and directly defiant. 


It is also the last step before deleting them.  Meaning I have probably alreadu decided to delete them and ban them, but the email hasn't gotten to Junior yet.  So I have to hold on and deal with these guys the last few hours or days.  It's only when I finally finally finally get to that point that I have had it and I am editing a guy to make him look bad.  


Surprisingly, or maybe not.  That has proven to be pretty effective.  It's not something I enjoy, but you do what you need to do to maintain control over the forum.  I've seen more than a few boards ruined by guys like this and would prefer mine not go that route.  Yes they bring argument and traffic but I want fans of teams to root for their teams.  Dislike other teams and argue and spar among them.  The self hatred is pretty unique to USC and in a couple of cases, I think it comes from people who are not nor ever have really been USC fans to begin with.  I think either NEB or Darnold is that Notre Dame guy we keep banning.  



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