Is it OK when Millenials do it

By: Rodeo Trojan

Segregation at a University.

When this was done in Southeast during the 50's and 60s, Liberals and Moderates of the World War II generation objected

and got the federal government involved. Southern leaders such as George Wallace (governor of Alabama) stated

"segregation now and segregation forever!" and resisted the  efforts to reduce or end segregation.

So segregation was considered bad, made illegal, and the removal of segregation was backed by the federal government.

But now, if Millenials insist on segregation, it  is supposed to beprogressive and OK. Now it is the liberals who support


The attached article is about segregation being supported by the "progressive" students at the Clairmont Colleges in


Can you tell me why it is that when Segregation was done in Alabama in the 1950s it was wrong, BUT when done in

California in 2017 segregation is the right thing to do.


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