Sheep led to slaughter

By: Old Hickory Trojan

some parishes understnad that being a gun free zone is dangerous others not so much...terrible incident but without a means to defend yourself things like this can happen...heck drive a  trailer tractor rig through the front doors and you can do similar damge or worse...with that said you comment on military grade weapons...please tell us what that might be since that term is thrown around a lot by gun control advocates...who lack the knowledge to knw the difference....with that said here is some info for you to digest...

studies have shown a moderate rate of fire with magazine changes amount to:

5 round magazines....55 rounds per minute

10 round magazines ...75 rounds per minute

30 round magazines .....100 rounds per minute

Virginia Tech shooting fired 15 rounds per minute

Newtown shooting fired between 17-31 rounds per minute

Columbine fired 4 rounds per minute

Red Lake fired 5 rounds per minute

Aurora fired between 8-14 rounds per minute

Fort Hood fired 21 rounds per minute

In other words a firearm with a five round maganzine could have fired enough rounds per minute to exceed every one of the incidents identified. 



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