Thats just an AR15 not military

By: Old Hickory Trojan

or military grade....I have two of those at home in my for the wife and I own the other...and that is for shooting sports, home defense and varmints....we have a 55 acre farm that we run cattle on and it comes in handy....of course we also own shotguns and an AKS762 and CZ2008 which are a lttle bigger caliber for the same purposes. I like th ARs cause I can strip those down with nothing more then a red dot and 20 round magazine and have a firearm that weighs under 6.5 pounds loaded...and those have little recoil compred to the others...noting wrong with these and again not an Assault Weapon eve though gun control idiots keep calling them that...neither is automatic, neither has a bump stock neither has a chrome lined barrel for longterm rapid fire....just not built to anything close to military specifcations... 

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